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The Center of marketing researches

The Center of marketing researches offers you following kinds of services:

1. Research of a commodity market of industrial purpose (which end user are the enterprises and the organizations)
Research includes studying:

  • Total amount of demand in natural and cost expression by different kinds of the goods and on groups of consumers.
  • Price lines of buyers by different kinds of the goods
  • The basic suppliers and manufacturers of given production, the forecast of prospects of the market, definition of perspective market niches and volume of a backlog demand

Studying of the market is spent in following directions:

  • Expert telephone interrogation (not less than 50 respondents - officials of potential consumers)
  • Studying data of Committee of Statistic and forecasts of Economy Institute of the Sciences Academy
  • Studying the Internet-resources, the specialized editions, the given specialized exhibitions and manufacturers of similar production (including the "latent" telephone interrogations).

Cost of research of the Karelia market - from 1500 Euro (term - from 3 weeks)
Cost of research of the market of Russia - from 5000 Euro (term- 5 weeks)

On results of research is given the report on paper and electronic carriers and data of the lead interrogations (with the instruction of contact persons).
The information received during research becomes the property of the Customer, is not published anywhere and not used.


2. Research of a commodity market of consumer purpose and services.
It is spent on the basis of questioning, interviewing, telephone interrogations and associative testing of potential consumers. Research can include the latent and open supervision over behaviour of sellers and buyers in a place of sales and studying of reaction of buyers on the goods, its packing, a site and other characteristics.
At the choice of the customer can include:

  • The Estimation of capacity and prospect of the market for the concrete goods or service
  • Research of consumer behaviour and consumer preferences
  • Creation of "portrait" of potential consumers on the basis of its socially-demographic, socially-professional, socially-psychological characteristics
  • Research of competitors
  • Research of a level and the tendency of the prices of the goods
  • Studying image of the company or an image of the goods
  • Expert opinions on a new product or service
  • Recommendations on development of strategy of potential consumers attraction
  • Recommendations on formation of desirable image of a product and its promotion on the market
  • Correction of the offered concept of a new product
  • Research of the attitude of consumers to the trade mark, to a brand

Cost of research depends on quantity of respondents and the purposes of research - from 1200 Euro. Term of execution - from 15 working days.

3. Monitoring of the competitors prices

is spent unitary or with the certain periodicity. During carrying out of research experts of the Center will analyse for you structure of consumer demand, will allocate the prioritiest groups and kinds of the goods which are in demand and borrow an essential share in the general structure of sales (on available statistical data and data of already lead marketing researches) and will lead monitoring of the prices to these groups of the goods.
Method of research: the analysis of results of ready statistical data and the given marketing researches of the Center under the analysis of consumer preferences and structure of demand, supervision.
Cost of research depends on quantity of the studied goods and competitors - from 600 Euro.

4. The Analysis of price preferences of buyers.

Research includes the analysis of price lines (borders minimal and a ceiling price perceived by the consumer) on some, most actual groups of the goods. Results of research are generalized on groups of consumers (from the point of view of the income, social group and other significant characteristics).
Research is spent on the basis of testing consumers.
Cost of research - from 1200 Euro

5. Research of marketing communications system for development of the enterprises promotion strategy (advertising, PR, etc.)

  • The Estimation of efficiency of advertising
  • Development and the organization advertising and PR-campaigns
  • Effective accommodation of advertising in mass-media
  • Development of the trade mark
  • Actions for stimulation of sales

Your advertising campaign is planned depending on features of your goods and your potential clients. You receive concrete recommendations on promotion of your goods and increase of efficiency of the advertising campaign.

Cost of services - from 500 Euro.

6. Drawing up of databases of potential Clients (contains the description of the company and contact data of the officials responsible for decision-making).
Cost of service - from 500 Euro.

7. Marketing planning (Development of the program of marketing and strategy of marketing)
Cost of service - from 1000 Euro.

8. Merchandising

  • Definition of "hot" and "cold" zones
  • The Calculation of the goods
  • Accommodation of expensiv goods
  • Accommodation of the information on the goods (price lists, advertising, the information and s.o.)
  • Premises zonation
  • Design of premises

Cost of service from 70 Euro at an hour (the area of object up to 70 m2.)

9. Consultation and the organization of marketing system at the enterprise
The organization of a department of marketing at the enterprise.
Cost of consultations - 150 Euro at an hour.

10. User's marketing service.
Cost of service from 500 Euro.


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